Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | February 8, 2015

Report For Duty !

Have you ever been at the end of your rope spiritually, mentally, and ,yes, physically, too, wondering,”What do I do now?”

This was totally me about 35 years ago.

I spent hours at a time huddled on my sofa, wrapped in a red plaid blanket, pondering those words. Although I held a well paying, responsible position in a small Colorado mountain town, this was a good and bad thing all at the same time. You may know what I mean. The job was stressful, keeping me out of my comfort zone with its demands. Also, I  was still recovering from my divorce, despite the fact it had been final for three years. I had spent those three  years in intensive out patient psychotherapy. I was a very sick puppy.

But, the Mountains offered a healing environment. Slowly, I began taking advantage of opportunities to go to a stress management workshop and other self improvement classes. These reinforced what I had worked on in the therapy sessions. I took copious notes, then spent my time wrapped in the red plaid blanket studying and practicing what they contained. All the above radically changed my life beyond my wildest dreams.

Since that time, I have never stopped working on myself. I believe if we don’t do that, we become stagnant and moldy. Among other things, each morning I observe  “quiet time,” which includes a soothing cup of coffee, reading something that feeds my Spirit, and finally, reflection / meditation / prayer. This was one of the first changes I made those many years ago, and continue with it to this day. It keeps me in close touch with guidance of the Universal Spirit.

I had a dear friend in those days, who frequently said to me, “I get up every morning, meditate, and immediately Report for Duty.

What a concept! It works! Try it yourself, see what happens for you . . .

Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | January 27, 2015



Does this sound extreme? No,no. As a matter of fact, it is the real, honest truth. All the religious teachings of the world point toward achieving your highest good by being in touch with your true higher Self.

Volumes have been written and passed down through the ages, giving instruction on how to do this following the guidance of the Universal Spirit. This Entity approaches each of us in whatever way we can perceive and understand the knowing it requires. This consciousness  happens in quiet stillness: meditation, prayer, and other means of focussed attention that remove the clutter from our mind. In that state we become open to what The Universe has to reveal to us, namely our highest good.

Fall on your knees, go for a walk or run, sit in the sun, or find a cozy indoor spot.  Allow your thoughts to subside, and just be. Practice any, or all these behaviors often, daily, or even several times a day. You will begin to notice a shift in your thoughts. They will become more calm. A peaceful feeling can now emerge. Ultimately, you will learn to BE WHAT YOU ARE.

Often we must have help with the process. The Universe will also provide whatever facilitation you need. Your only requirement is to be open to possibilities. . .

Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | January 18, 2015

Imagine What Your Life Would Look Like If . . .

Complete the above sentence describing your deepest hopes, dreams, and desires.

Write down what comes to mind.

There are ways to achieve that life. The starting place is right here, right now:

First, write down what you have that you are grateful for presently. Think of at least five, preferably ten items.

Express gratitude to the Universe for providing these. How often do we focus on what is good about our circumstances, rather than what is bothering us?  We must realize, metaphysically, what we pay attention to is what multiplies in our experience. Only then is it obvious that being grateful is extremely powerful.

Next, make an honest inventory of current problems you face, opportunities you let slip away, instances you were negatively impacted by others who wronged you. The purpose of this is not to wallow in self pity, but to forgive others and yourself for these ills.

Forgiveness is accepting what happened, then letting it go.

“But there are some things too terrible to forgive!” you may say.

Forgiving is not to infer that an offense is OK. It is like cleaning out a junk drawer. You get to keep what you want and throw away the rest. This may be a time consuming task, but it eliminates mind clutter. The past happened. It is over. Hanging onto it merely allows it to simmer and ferment in your head, causing subconscious angst.

A particularly effective way to accomplish the forgiveness process is to start writing about the grievances, one at a time. Be brutally honest about your own part in allowing or perpetrating the wrong. Keep writing until all the facts and feelings are acknowledged. It is said, “Only that which is acknowledged can be healed.” The truth is, you and the other people  were simply doing the best you could at the time. Your forgiveness will not effect others. Their life goes on regardless. You, however, will feel as if a weight has been lifted from you..

When you finish writing, read it over, thoughtfully. Make things right wherever you can. Then tear it up and throw it away, or, if you are using your electronics, delete it forever. Don’t allow yourself to dwell on any of these experiences again. Pray to your God to guide you in changing mistaken habits and ways of living. When you align yourself with truth, you can trust yourself.

Thirdly, allow yourself to want your deepest desires, yes, happiness as you picture it! Many of us think this is not possible. But guess what. It not only is possible, you can have it, starting with what is set forth here. From here the Universe will guide you.

Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | January 7, 2015

What Is Greed?

The word greed  brings to mind a host of images and thoughts in all of us . . . from wanting to eat more than your share of a cake to the underlying cause of wars. Many associate love of money and the lavish lifestyle, which money can buy, with greed, giving it a wicked image. Actually, the love of money isn’t really evil, nor is the love of anything else in and of itself.

          Greed is when the desire for anything blinds you to the wants and needs of others.

Strangely enough, you can substitute the word, addiction, for greed in that definition. If I go into someone’s house I’m not going to steal a beautiful, valuable ornament just because I like looking at it. If I read a book or an article written by another person, whom I admire, that doesn’t mean there is less of that writer’s writing for you to enjoy. The same applies to the love of money. If I love money and have some, that doesn’t make any less for you, unless I steal it from you. The truth about money is that we both can create money by using our abilities, interests, associations with others, experiences, or imagination.

Did you know that if you equate love of money with greed, you thereby subconsciously limit the flow of the universe’s money to you.

How It Works:      Our lives are a product of our thoughts, words, and actions.

So, if you think wanting to have plenty of money is greedy, you think you must be greedy, therefore, a bad person. This thought leads to  feeling guilty, which then evokes your message to the universe not to send you money. Then you wonder why you have too little or no money.         OR

You remember everything in the universe belongs to The Creator and is available for you to use. Abundance flows freely about the universe. Every time you generate righteous effort and get financial remuneration in return, this is an example of how the universe works. Receiving money graciously, with gratitude and passing it on with love, without resentment or ill intent, enables the Universe to function as It is meant to do . . . for good.


Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | January 1, 2015

Exclusion vs Inclusion

Have you ever had the feeling of being left out,  excluded, a miss fit, while others seem to be on good terms with the “in crowd?” These “others” appear self confident, get the best jobs,  the promotions, have a happy life, and belong to the best club, group, society, or gang. We humans have invented limitless ways of treating certain people as outsiders: excluding prospective club members whom are considered lacking in “certain  qualities;” bullying, gossip, degrading, fighting;  labeling;  even eliminating whole segments of population according to such categories as gender, social standing, politics, culture, economic status, race, religious  belief . .  .  the list goes on and on.

Identity of worth is achieved by exclusion of all but “the chosen.”

The thing is: the terrible price we pay for keeping all those people out so we can drink in the sweetness of being “insiders.” This vastly limits our reality, diminishes our world view, and facilitates tunnel vision. It shrinks our life.

My brother-in -law used to say, “If two people think the same on every topic, one of them is unnecessary.”

Love, on the other hand, is inclusive. Love erases boundaries.

I was once in a class about exploring possibilities, during which the teacher had us do a particularly powerful exercise. She told us to walk about the room, looking each classmate in the eye without a word, but saying to ourselves, “Everywhere I look I see the face of God.” We were to stand there in front of the person until we actually felt the words we were saying to ourselves, then move on and do the same.

I invite you to take a few minutes as you go about your day to do this exercise, silently, with each person you pass on the street, in the grocery store, on the running trail, or wherever you find yourself today. No need to pause for each encounter in a public place. If the word God offends you,  substitute a word you feel comfortable with. Then  later in a quiet moment share your experience with a trusted person, or journal about it.




Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | December 21, 2014

What is Christmas?

The hustle and bustle of Christmas is upon us. This means something different to each person of the Christian persuasion. Many are delighted to put their creativity to work, cooking, baking, and/or decorating their home inside and out. Others go for the joyous party atmosphere that accompanies the season.  Some  express their generous nature by donating time, money, and energy to philanthropic endeavors. Religious and secular music plays a big role in the holiday “Spirit.” And then there is the shopping, a joy, or a headache, or both. But hardly anyone lets the holidays go by without bemoaning the commercialism . . .

Years ago  during my university days, Sam was a friend that some of us hung out with quite a lot. He was a well rounded guy: being a minister’s son,  quite a  philosopher, a science major, and had a great sense of humor. People loved being around him.

The Christmas holidays were approaching. Everyone was talking about their plans. Sam hadn’t said anything about what he would be doing. When someone asked him, I wasn’t ready for his reply. Every year to this day, when Christmas time rolls around, it rings in my ears.

He said,”I don’t celebrate Christmas.”

I couldn’t comprehend how he could say such a thing. He had deep religious beliefs.  “What do you mean, you don’t celebrate Christmas?” we all cried almost in unison.

He shrugged in an off hand way, and said, “I figure if you don’t keep it every day, why do it on one ‘special’ day?”

Give some thought to your feelings about this enormous subject. . .

Perhaps Sam had a point. Isn’t Christmas about extending LoveEvery day, not just one day?



Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | December 16, 2014

Hello Again!

      I am glad to be back!

“What in the world have I been doing?” you ask. Sorry there was no warning, but . . . yes, I lost my focus. I came out of my comfort zone, making a huge transition in my life.  It took all my energy to cope. The road was interspersed with many bright spots as I visited and received support from friends and relatives. But there were many bumps, several twists and turns,  and of course, much prayer and introspection.

What I was doing was changing my thought system from being a “Happy Wanderer” to settling down in one place, establishing some roots. This was always my plan. Now it was time. It became daunting, because I actually had nidea how to do it. If you read my About Me page, you will see what I mean.

The good news is: I did put into practice the concepts I talk about in my blog and my book, Climbing Mountains when you’re Over the Hill. Techniques for thought changing, clearly seeing your vision, effectively managing stress, acting on your intentions, and all the rest.

It worked! Now life is going wonderfully well!  I feel truly joyful! What could be better than that?

Which brings me back to what this blog is all about: I have lived 81 years and worked 18 years as a psychiatric nurse. Now I want to extend love by sharing what I have learned, experienced, and know.

My life has been richly blest, for which I am utterly grateful. And I’ve had the worst of times, as well. Those times taught me so very much, even though I was kicking and screaming all the way.  I often say, “We don’t actually learn in the easy times. It’s the hard times that teach us what we need to know.”


Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | March 29, 2014


Remember the history of mankind and be warned:

Down through the ages various sectors, led by strong, influential individuals came into power. They ruled for a time, expanding their empire and enjoying the extraordinary  benefits thereof. Always, there was celebration of the accomplishment,  imposing of power , being caught up in having their own way with all their subjects, and exacting severe punishment for failure to comply.

Thirst for increasing their territory always continued. The greed of wanting more and more stirred up discontent within those in power. Usually  their own inability to rule the domaine properly was their demise, taking any number of forms, depending on the times.

Discontent is the key word here.

As stated above, it takes many forms. But in the South, we used to put it this way, “They get too big for their britches.”

Beware of discontent. When used for personal gain, it destroys . . .

Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | March 15, 2014

Listen Only To The Truth To Find Peace

I have just this to say today. All else is extraneous:

We must not put our faith in human wisdom or philosophy, but in The Universal Holy Spirit, which is all around and within us.  In order for this to come into our consciousness, we must stop and be very still. Only then can The Truth be heard, that you may experience Peace.

Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | March 3, 2014

Has the Arctic Vortex Slammed You Into the Midwinter Doldrums?

How can we fan a fire to bask in? This just might be something you haven’t thought of to prevent that sinking mood.  The more passive we become, the more our inner flame diminishes.  Cousins to passivity are procrastination and, yes,  laziness. No offense, but can anyone relate? Don’t worry, all is not lost.

The truth is, we are to go inside and be led by the Higher Self, The Holy Spirit within us, not by outside forces.

Stay active. Put one foot in front of the other. Do what you need to do now, and only that. But do it with all your might. This stirs the “gift inside you,” whatever that may be. Stay thankful. Why? It will foster enthusiasm.


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