Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | January 18, 2015

Imagine What Your Life Would Look Like If . . .

Complete the above sentence describing your deepest hopes, dreams, and desires.

Write down what comes to mind.

There are ways to achieve that life. The starting place is right here, right now:

First, write down what you have that you are grateful for presently. Think of at least five, preferably ten items.

Express gratitude to the Universe for providing these. How often do we focus on what is good about our circumstances, rather than what is bothering us?  We must realize, metaphysically, what we pay attention to is what multiplies in our experience. Only then is it obvious that being grateful is extremely powerful.

Next, make an honest inventory of current problems you face, opportunities you let slip away, instances you were negatively impacted by others who wronged you. The purpose of this is not to wallow in self pity, but to forgive others and yourself for these ills.

Forgiveness is accepting what happened, then letting it go.

“But there are some things too terrible to forgive!” you may say.

Forgiving is not to infer that an offense is OK. It is like cleaning out a junk drawer. You get to keep what you want and throw away the rest. This may be a time consuming task, but it eliminates mind clutter. The past happened. It is over. Hanging onto it merely allows it to simmer and ferment in your head, causing subconscious angst.

A particularly effective way to accomplish the forgiveness process is to start writing about the grievances, one at a time. Be brutally honest about your own part in allowing or perpetrating the wrong. Keep writing until all the facts and feelings are acknowledged. It is said, “Only that which is acknowledged can be healed.” The truth is, you and the other people  were simply doing the best you could at the time. Your forgiveness will not effect others. Their life goes on regardless. You, however, will feel as if a weight has been lifted from you..

When you finish writing, read it over, thoughtfully. Make things right wherever you can. Then tear it up and throw it away, or, if you are using your electronics, delete it forever. Don’t allow yourself to dwell on any of these experiences again. Pray to your God to guide you in changing mistaken habits and ways of living. When you align yourself with truth, you can trust yourself.

Thirdly, allow yourself to want your deepest desires, yes, happiness as you picture it! Many of us think this is not possible. But guess what. It not only is possible, you can have it, starting with what is set forth here. From here the Universe will guide you.


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