Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | March 29, 2014


Remember the history of mankind and be warned:

Down through the ages various sectors, led by strong, influential individuals came into power. They ruled for a time, expanding their empire and enjoying the extraordinary  benefits thereof. Always, there was celebration of the accomplishment,  imposing of power , being caught up in having their own way with all their subjects, and exacting severe punishment for failure to comply.

Thirst for increasing their territory always continued. The greed of wanting more and more stirred up discontent within those in power. Usually  their own inability to rule the domaine properly was their demise, taking any number of forms, depending on the times.

Discontent is the key word here.

As stated above, it takes many forms. But in the South, we used to put it this way, “They get too big for their britches.”

Beware of discontent. When used for personal gain, it destroys . . .


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