Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | December 16, 2014

Hello Again!

      I am glad to be back!

“What in the world have I been doing?” you ask. Sorry there was no warning, but . . . yes, I lost my focus. I came out of my comfort zone, making a huge transition in my life.  It took all my energy to cope. The road was interspersed with many bright spots as I visited and received support from friends and relatives. But there were many bumps, several twists and turns,  and of course, much prayer and introspection.

What I was doing was changing my thought system from being a “Happy Wanderer” to settling down in one place, establishing some roots. This was always my plan. Now it was time. It became daunting, because I actually had nidea how to do it. If you read my About Me page, you will see what I mean.

The good news is: I did put into practice the concepts I talk about in my blog and my book, Climbing Mountains when you’re Over the Hill. Techniques for thought changing, clearly seeing your vision, effectively managing stress, acting on your intentions, and all the rest.

It worked! Now life is going wonderfully well!  I feel truly joyful! What could be better than that?

Which brings me back to what this blog is all about: I have lived 81 years and worked 18 years as a psychiatric nurse. Now I want to extend love by sharing what I have learned, experienced, and know.

My life has been richly blest, for which I am utterly grateful. And I’ve had the worst of times, as well. Those times taught me so very much, even though I was kicking and screaming all the way.  I often say, “We don’t actually learn in the easy times. It’s the hard times that teach us what we need to know.”




  1. Hi, lovely to have you back, I think you’re great 🙂 I’m going through bit of a bad time since September and going through a similar journey to what you had: Change, Change and more Change 🙂 Pushing the boundries as well as coping in general.

    It’s not easy to go inward and reavaluate and then come out the other end. But, you have given me something positive in this post that despite losing focus and going through a difficult time, there is a ‘liberation’ (for want of a better word) at the end. Thank you for such an encouraging post 🙂


    • Victoria, Thank you for the complementary comment. So happy to know you found it useful. Wishing you all the best as you pursue your highest good, Elizabeth

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