Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | November 14, 2013

Most Powerful Antidote for Disturbing Happenings

Have you ever been so disturbed by something that happened it kept you in its clutches all day, or maybe longer? Your mind wanders back to that something, coloring everything else. No offense, but of course you have! It happens to everyone at times. To some of us, it occurs daily. This seems to be part of being human, doesn’t it?

There is a simple, but most powerful, antidote for that. I have used it countless times, and it has never failed. So rest assured, it is well tested and proven.

The answer is this  prayer: “Help me to see this differently”

You can pray it during a quiet moment, or in the midst of a great hubbub. It matters not where or when. What you will notice is things begin to shift. Your mindset loosens up a bit, allowing new thoughts to enter you awareness. This may occur immediately. But often, it will be later, after a bit of time passes, you will start to feel somewhat calmer, gentler. A different set of thoughts begins to enter your consciousness. AMAZING! You ARE seeing things differently.

We are all familiar with the adage, “Keep an open mind.” But sometimes things strike a chord within us that blocks our openness. You know what I’m saying?

Isn’t it nice, to find there is a way to change it? Not just nice, it is Empowering! You and the universe can remain happy and peaceful by you simply being willing to “see ‘it’ differently.” You may be surprised at what comes up for you.

Note to anyone who might be totally overwhelmed with negative happenings and the thoughts  that follow:  Seek professional help, such as from a counselor, minister, or your doctor while continuing to use the above prayer.

Now go out there and enjoy the rest of your day.Feel the love. See the beauty.  🙂

Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | November 6, 2013

You ARE What You Think

Our thoughts determine what we are. This is old news.

But what do we do with this well known fact?

1. We build the world around us by our perceptions.

2. We determine our mood and our actions.

It is , therefore, primarily important that we note:

Our Thoughts either reflect Hope, Joy, Peace, Fulfillment, or they come from Darkness.

What reality are your thoughts making?  Are your thoughts leading you to where you want to be?

Notice what you think about today.  Only YOU decide.

If you notice negative thoughts creeping into your mind. (“I am worthless.” “I am incompetent.” “This is too hard.” and the like), Ask yourself this in stead:  “What would I rather think?”

This may not come easily at first, but be persistent. If you find yourself slipping, simply start over. Decide what you would rather think. It is like learning to play a new instrument, or a new sport. Be gentle with yourself. Keep practicing! . . . It will get easier.


Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | November 3, 2013

A Powerful Key To Finding Happiness

Here is a simple exercise that has the power to put you on the road to happiness, joy, and peace. Trust it.

                                                     Everywhere I look, I see the face of God.

God is everywhere, in everything that is.  Look around you. Remember: God is a spirit. God is Love. God is there.

NOW, as you go about your day, (wherever you are; whatever is going on around you; whatever you are doing) Say these words to yourself:     “Everywhere I look, I see the face of God” (or whatever word you choose to use to denote that Universal Creative Power).  Simply let these words flow through your mind with every person you see and everything you gaze upon. Notice how it affects your perception. And give thanks.


Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | October 28, 2013


One of my most unforgettable experiences, ever, occurred when I was sailing for two years in the South Pacific Ocean with my husband. We had sailed from The Islands of Samoa and were about twenty miles off the tiny island of Niotoputapu, the northernmost island in Tonga. Because it was nearly dark, we decided to wait to go into the harbor at daybreak.

A storm came up during the night. My husband and I lay in bed, unable to sleep, listening to the wind begin to howl.  As the velocity slowly increased,  we could feel the sea tossing beneath us. Ed, an accomplished sailor, said it was best to simply lie adrift unless the storm intensified. We waited, holding each other, lost in our thoughts. The winds blew ever stronger; and the boat began heaving randomly about. I realized that my fear was rising to consciousness, despite my utter confidence in Ed’s expertise. He was  in many storms during the ten years  he lived and sailed in the Gulf of California and the waters out from Cabo San Lucas.

About this time he put on his “fowlies” (yellow rubberized jacket and long pants with hat to match) and went out to hoist the storm sail, a tiny sail that looked to be about the size of a handkerchief compared to the other sails. I followed him out in my “fowlies,” and we executed the storm plan. This plan consisted of disconnecting the autopilot and hand-steering the boat to go with the wind, wherever it took us. With the autopilot useless in such high winds, the storm sail, along with the rudder, served to keep us on course. I was usually in charge of steering the boat, but in this storm we had to take turns, because if the boat went off the direction of the wind, it would capsize. Even though our boat was a tri-maran.

I continued steering and watching the waves become the same height as our forty-foot mast. The tri-maran gently went up the back side of each wave, as though it were climbing a mountain, then slid easily down the leading side and up the next one, over and over. Endlessly. It was like a little cork floating along with the gigantic sea. I was probably in shock with fright.

As I robotically kept the boat on course, I became aware that I was repeating the words, “Peace, be still” to myself. “Peace, be still. Peace, be still.”

I watched the waves climb higher all around us, perfectly aware that the winds were failing to let up even a little, and I gradually began to panic, thinking, ”This ‘Peace be still’ isn’t working.”

At that moment a voice spoke to me from nowhere: “The Peace is within you.”

My mind immediately suspended its desperate, terrified panic state. A feeling of utter calm came over me. I was aware of saying softly to myself, “Oh.” And that was it. I was no longer afraid.

It wasn’t me . . . It was God.

The storm lasted three days in all, and we were exhausted when it finally abated. We had taken three-hour shifts, keeping the boat going with the wind. I tried to sleep when it was my turn to rest, but that was mostly to no avail. The boat tossed as it rode the mighty waves, so staying on the bed required some effort.

Later I smiled to myself when I heard Ed brag to a friend that “Elizabeth was a rock during the whole thing.” If he only knew.

Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed I remind myself of that truth I learned, and I pass it on to you, “The Peace is within you.”

Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | October 22, 2013


God is Love


God is Light

Have you ever thought of the fact we spend our life making our perceptions true? In our early years we assume that everyone lives the way we live in our home. As we grow older, our world of experience increases, and we begin to realize there are many ways of being. Teenage years are spent experimenting with various ways of being. In young adulthood we then find a lifestyle that “fits” for us, and that becomes our truth. Through the years, that truth may shift or  switch dramatically with our life phases and/or circumstances. All this is to say we spend our lives in bringing that current truth to whatever we have made. We expected it would bring light to what is happening and our goals. Sometimes, the darkness only becomes deeper. Blackness closes in bit by bit.

Have you ever experienced this? . . . Of course, we all have.

How  does one get out of this place? Where is that “Truth that will set you free?” “The light at the end of the tunnel?”

At these times, what you didn’t acknowledge is: the Light is in you. Darkness can cover it, but cannot put it out. 

Fear seems to live in darkness. When you feel lost and afraid, you have stepped out of the Light. You did not even realize you had a choice. Perhaps the journey into darkness has been long and cruel, and you have gone deep into it. You want Love, but are afraid of it, because of your experiences of what was supposed to be love. Truth is,  you are not afraid of love, only of what you have made of it.

Take time today to be still. Go for a walk, or go into the “zone” as you clean the kitchen, or sit back from your desk. Allow the exquisite light within you come to the surface of your consciousness.

Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | October 15, 2013


       One of the best descriptions of life is that it is a journey from ignorance to understanding. Ignorance is a very dark and scary place.

      How can we escape it? Our response to this condition is usually to retreat and hide in an even darker place. But what happens then? Yes, we find that only exacerbates the terror.

      Simply put, in the light of understanding, fright dissipates.

      On life’s journey we have billions of experiences, each building on the others to form our perception of the world. Every person we encounter impacts us in a large or  small way. And we effect them as well. So how do we find the light in all of it? And how will we recognize it when we see it?

      I would suggest, only by embracing Life: Its opportunities; challenges; delights; excitement; hardships; and yes, its disasters; and successes.

      What is the light? Is it Education? Religion? Power? Possessions? Money? World travel?

      The essence of light is Love. Light can be found in all the above, but only if we see the Love in it, and acknowledge it in ourselves.

      Love is the answer.   



Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | October 9, 2013


I happened on two passages today that were so simple and powerful, I must share them with all of you who may stop by:

The first is from a tiny book in the Old Testament of The Bible. Have you ever read Haggai ? It is only 2 short chapters long. Easy to overlook. Haggai was among the few thousand Jews who returned to their land after some seventy years in captivity in Babylon. God gave him the mission of getting these people going to rebuild The Temple, which had been destroyed by the Babylonians. And then God told Haggai to say to the people these words that ring down throughout the history of the world;

“I am with you.”
Haggai 1:13 The Message//Remix

Later on, I came upon this passage:

Communication with God is life. Nothing without it is at all. The only part of your mind that has reality is the part that links you still with God. . . . Listen to the Holy Spirit and to God through Him. He speaks of you to you. . . .
A Course In Miracles, Chapter 14

Meditate on this, and feel the peace, the happiness.

Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | October 8, 2013


We are carefully taught. One of the first lessons a baby learns in life on this planet is his / her separateness from others, then from the mother. The “we-they” concept is re-enforced constantly as we grow and develop physically and socially:

Our felt need to “belong”
The need to be right, when there is a difference of opinion
The popularity of exclusivity i.e. fraternal/sorority organizations and other social clubs
The belief in racial segregation and “superiority”
Animosity/compitition between religious groups.
Gender discrimination in the work place
Regional/cultural/idealogical prejudice

This is only to name a few.

Interestingly enough, quantum physics teaches us everything is energy, and “it” is all connected!

I love the quote:

“For the mind that judges perceives itself as separate from the individual being judged, believing that by punishing another, it will escape punishment.”
A Course in Miracles Chapter 13

I invite you to give this some thought.

Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | September 26, 2013


My mission in writing blogs is to help you to always do the right thing as you live your life.  The Universal Power is your guide, if you listen to it. Call it what you will. Give it your all.

The hard times teach us. They get our attention and teach us what has true value.

The Rewards will be huge and exquisite when you Do The Right Thing.

Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | September 26, 2013


When someone acts insanely towards you, it is an opportunity for you to bless that person. The only way we can have a blessing is to give a blessing. This is a law of the universe. It then follows that to have peace, we must give (or extend) peace to those around us.

Spend your day practicing this principle and notice how it goes.

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