About Me

The purpose of this Blog Site is to share helpful tools for anyone who  experiences frustration with his or her quality of life, or feels fearful about the future

I will post at least twice weekly. The content will help you:
* Handle troubling situations effectively
* Realize and nurture your strengths
* Rid yourself of habits/behaviors that don’t serve you well and replace them with
qualities that will work well for you
* Express yourself in a manner that will be heard
* Learn techniques to experience harmony in your life
* Find the joy, rather than fear, when anticipating or dealing with the aging process
* Find the peace within you
* Have fulfilling relationships

My Credentials:
* Retired RN, BSN
* Expert in Stress Management
* Graduate of Vanderbilt University School of Nursing
* Worked in all fields of nursing; 18 years in psychiatric nursing, the last 6 years, at The Menninger Clinic, one of the top five mental health facilities in America
* Mother of four, grandmother of six. (All apples of my eye)
* Presenter of Stress Management Seminars internationally to general audiences, professional groups, university classes, and prison inmates.
* Lived and worked in such fascinating places as the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Saudi Arabia, and Honolulu
* World traveler on my own, trekking the mountains and valleys of the Rockies, Himolayas, Alps, and New Zealand’s North & South Islands; highlands and fjords of Norway; and from village to village in Germany’s Black Forrest and the Fiji Islands, to name a few
* Sailed for 2 1/2 years on a 37 foot trimaran sailboat in the South Pacific from Hawaii to New Zealand.
* Upon retiring, stored my belongings, bought an RV, explored and visited fabulous places throughout the USA, visiting family and friends along the way
* Have written a book, CLIMBING MOUNTAINS WHEN YOU’RE OVER THE HILL; available on amazon.com/books  – in soft cover or Kindle; and as an e-book by smashwords.com



  1. I hope you don’t mind, I shared your ‘about me’ on my fb wall! You need to be shared with those who have yet the privilege to meet you! 🙂 xoxoxo

    • Hi My Dear, Thank you for the kind words and the sharing! Love you

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