Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | January 27, 2015



Does this sound extreme? No,no. As a matter of fact, it is the real, honest truth. All the religious teachings of the world point toward achieving your highest good by being in touch with your true higher Self.

Volumes have been written and passed down through the ages, giving instruction on how to do this following the guidance of the Universal Spirit. This Entity approaches each of us in whatever way we can perceive and understand the knowing it requires. This consciousness  happens in quiet stillness: meditation, prayer, and other means of focussed attention that remove the clutter from our mind. In that state we become open to what The Universe has to reveal to us, namely our highest good.

Fall on your knees, go for a walk or run, sit in the sun, or find a cozy indoor spot.  Allow your thoughts to subside, and just be. Practice any, or all these behaviors often, daily, or even several times a day. You will begin to notice a shift in your thoughts. They will become more calm. A peaceful feeling can now emerge. Ultimately, you will learn to BE WHAT YOU ARE.

Often we must have help with the process. The Universe will also provide whatever facilitation you need. Your only requirement is to be open to possibilities. . .



  1. Thank you for this excellent reminder. The more I realize this and practice it, the more I realize the amazing power of being and allowing. When we focus on being, the doing seems to occur naturally. That is how goals are realized 😉

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