Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | February 22, 2014

When Progress Toward Your Goal Seems Painfully Slow!

The only antidote is to learn Every Day Confidence. At this point, a few questions flash before you. That voice inside your head chimes in:

* ” How do I get to that place?”

Obstacles feel overwhelming

Road is bumpy.

* “How badly do I want to accomplish this?”

Hassles and effort too great

* “Am I going to keep acting like a spoiled brat?”

Expect to breeze through life

Things should simply fall into my lap now. I’ve worked hard!

* “Why can’t I be patient?

* Am I willing to do whatever it takes to reach my goal?

Ah ha! The million dollar question. Now what?

When we see progress, it is easier to remain confident. But during those times of simmering, of letting things come together, like happens with the flavors of a fine gourmet sauce, we start questioning and second guessing everything: the process, the whole idea, and invariably our own capabilities.

Then back to the above questions. The key ideas become getting beyond being overwhelmed, and deciding to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Those things can happen only as we allow Consistent Faith in our higher Self into the mix. Then we can practice being confident in all things, with Help from above.



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