Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | January 24, 2014

How to Attract Positive Relationships

Affirmations are in the same family with setting goals, but, because of how the brain works, they are vastly more powerful.

                           “As I, Elizabeth, reach out with warmth and love, others respond.”

      This is my all time  favorite affirmation, because I have had enormously amazing results whenever I use it. You can too.  I have gotten phone calls from forgotten acquaintances, met people who became significant in my life, found new friends  when I had moved to a new place or felt disconnected from others, and I’ve even mended old grievances with this one affirmation used at different times.  The reason I think it works is because it’s just thrown out into the universe with no strings attached as to what a certain individual has to do. Also, most importantly it served to shift my attitude to attract others. People have simply popped out of the woodwork, because I opened my mind to possibilities.

For anyone not familiar with the term, an affirmation is a statement about something you want to happen, stated as follows:

* Using the first person, and designating your name

* Written in positive, explicit language

* Usually stating a time frame for it to take place (by specified date, “today,” “NOW.”)

* With no dependence on another person, or any conditions

They may be written on 3×5 cards or Post-its and placed in places you can see and read them during the day, like on your mirror, or desk, or calendar. Another way to use the card is to tuck it in a pocket or purse, and whenever you have a couple of minutes, take it out and read it and reflect deeply on the words. Do this several times a day. The third way affirmations may be done is to write them on a sheet of paper at least ten or more times. Kind of like when we had to write a hundred times, “I will not talk in school.” (Or maybe you were not as compelled as I was to socialize when classes got dull in junior high.) The repetition impresses it into the mind, which programs it into your belief system, and thereby the energy you put out into the Universe.

Prepare to be blessed!



  1. Positive affirmations can be used to help in all areas of life. What greater way to use them than enhancing relationships? Thank you for this excellent reminder and inspiration 🙂

    • Many thanks, Joe, for stopping and commenting on my post. I feel highly complemented. This is an aspect of life I am passionate about. The ripple effects are limitless. Wishing you all good things, Elizabeth

  2. Great advise! I work with employers to develop healthy relationships with their employees. If the employee perceives the employer as being unfair you will have a boatload of negative consequences. Smart C.E.O.s are increasingly paying attention to the psychosocial aspects of their workplaces with great results.

    • Many thanks, John, for stopping to read and send some feedback on my post. I feel highly complemented. This is an aspect of life I am passionate about. The ripple effects are unlimited. Wishing you all good things, Elizabeth

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