Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | January 6, 2014

Keep Going!

Every year we celebrate the dawning of another calendar year. With it, we associate certain traditions: parties ranging from rowdy to quiet gatherings; special  performances and entertainment of every description; an excuse to get totally wasted; fireworks; and, of course, the crafting of resolutions for the coming year. That moment at midnight of New Year’s Eve heralds the opportunity for “a new beginning.” We tell ourselves, “I am going to become a new person,” in this or that way.

Biological science tells us we already renew our bodies constantly by the process of cellular degeneration and synthesis. Simply put, we are always in a new beginning. In fact, now we know that brain pathways can be retrained, or rerouted to replace the function of  damaged body parts by practicing physical therapy techniques. In this same way, habits and personality traits can be changed by choosing and practicing a different way of being.

So, new beginnings happen every moment. Our choice makes it whatever it is.

What is your choice this moment?


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