Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | December 17, 2013

My Latest Adventure!

          I’m back after a brief suspension of my blog. As you might have noticed in your own experience, it can happen.  Something quite unforeseen came up to interfere with my schedule .   .   .  These past weeks have been almost like a dream. Two experiences of a lifetime occurred. 

I went to Hong Kong!

 Now in this world of instant everything, viral social media, and increasing opportunities for space travel, this might sound pretty ho-hum. But there is something you don’t know about me that I hand’t really wanted to share that with readers, for fear no one would ever take me seriously again. I just turned 80 years old. (You might have heard, our culture doesn’t value anyone over forty-five.)

 I’ve been mulling this over for a few days. I came up with this: The name of my blog is “It’s Never Too Late.” What kind of hippocracy would it be if I pretended I was young? As it is, I can say with absolute assurance, Hey Guys, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE! In fact, I love being old. Why not? Every day is Saturday when you’re retired. Also, I get a kick out of rolling around international airports in a wheelchair. Have you ever noticed how  they whisk us blue hairs right up to the front of the security and customs lines? Well, we do deserve it, you know. We’ve paid our dues.

 So what came up that was so important that I suddenly and willingly spent 21-23 hours in transit TWICE in 12 days? It shouldn’t be too hard to guess, it had to do with a grandchild. Oh, yes. I got an Email invitation from my grandson, who lives in HK, to his induction into the Judiciary System Of Hong Kong, China with a luncheon to follow. Finally, after university, law school, and several years of post graduate work, he is ready to practice law on his own. I HAD to be there. His parents and brothers went to his wedding last spring. I wasn’t able to go. I couldn’t miss this!

 I got an Email from another grandson saying, “Gammy, did you know they live on the side of a cliff?” If you’ve ever been to HK, you know what I mean. Actually, I did pretty well with the inclines. Of course, they were very patient with my slow pace. 

 I have just this to say, it was everything I hoped it would be, and more! A gift from our Creator.

 This is another example of what can happen if we are open to possibilities, ask for and follow the Universal guidance that is available to all of us, and proceed with Love.      


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