Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | November 25, 2013



We all have them. Whether or not we want them, people constantly come in and out of our presence. Some briefly, others for extended periods or often, and still others for a lifetime.

The world bombards us with distractions: choices ranging from fast food or the latest fashions to exciting career opportunities, job skills, and the trappings of success. We can find it easy to become so absorbed in all the world has to offer, we ignore the nurturing of our relationships with others.

It has been said, “A Relationship is like a flower. You must  cultivate and nourish it, or it will die.”

Through relationships we form our world view, our values, thoughts and feelings about ourselves, and those around us.

Think for a moment and journal:

  • What relationships (friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors, boss, co-workers, God, and others in your life) are the most important to you?
  •   How do you feel about each of the relationships in your life? Using a scale from 1-5, rate each one, considering enjoyment, positive/negative influences, or whatever qualities you choose that are important to you.
  • What thoughts come to mind about all the above?
  • Are there relationships that need work?
  • Are there relationships you want to nurture and keep close?
  • Were there some you want to change in some way?
  • Did you notice relationships that are destructive to your goals or to Who you want to be?
  • Which ones enhance/support you toward your goals and Who you want to be?

– Now –

Think and journal what actions you might choose to take regarding the relationships you listed. Enjoy the process. Sink into it as you would into a cozy lounge chair.


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