Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | November 14, 2013

Most Powerful Antidote for Disturbing Happenings

Have you ever been so disturbed by something that happened it kept you in its clutches all day, or maybe longer? Your mind wanders back to that something, coloring everything else. No offense, but of course you have! It happens to everyone at times. To some of us, it occurs daily. This seems to be part of being human, doesn’t it?

There is a simple, but most powerful, antidote for that. I have used it countless times, and it has never failed. So rest assured, it is well tested and proven.

The answer is this  prayer: “Help me to see this differently”

You can pray it during a quiet moment, or in the midst of a great hubbub. It matters not where or when. What you will notice is things begin to shift. Your mindset loosens up a bit, allowing new thoughts to enter you awareness. This may occur immediately. But often, it will be later, after a bit of time passes, you will start to feel somewhat calmer, gentler. A different set of thoughts begins to enter your consciousness. AMAZING! You ARE seeing things differently.

We are all familiar with the adage, “Keep an open mind.” But sometimes things strike a chord within us that blocks our openness. You know what I’m saying?

Isn’t it nice, to find there is a way to change it? Not just nice, it is Empowering! You and the universe can remain happy and peaceful by you simply being willing to “see ‘it’ differently.” You may be surprised at what comes up for you.

Note to anyone who might be totally overwhelmed with negative happenings and the thoughts  that follow:  Seek professional help, such as from a counselor, minister, or your doctor while continuing to use the above prayer.

Now go out there and enjoy the rest of your day.Feel the love. See the beauty.  🙂


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