Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | November 6, 2013

You ARE What You Think

Our thoughts determine what we are. This is old news.

But what do we do with this well known fact?

1. We build the world around us by our perceptions.

2. We determine our mood and our actions.

It is , therefore, primarily important that we note:

Our Thoughts either reflect Hope, Joy, Peace, Fulfillment, or they come from Darkness.

What reality are your thoughts making?  Are your thoughts leading you to where you want to be?

Notice what you think about today.  Only YOU decide.

If you notice negative thoughts creeping into your mind. (“I am worthless.” “I am incompetent.” “This is too hard.” and the like), Ask yourself this in stead:  “What would I rather think?”

This may not come easily at first, but be persistent. If you find yourself slipping, simply start over. Decide what you would rather think. It is like learning to play a new instrument, or a new sport. Be gentle with yourself. Keep practicing! . . . It will get easier.



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