Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | October 15, 2013


       One of the best descriptions of life is that it is a journey from ignorance to understanding. Ignorance is a very dark and scary place.

      How can we escape it? Our response to this condition is usually to retreat and hide in an even darker place. But what happens then? Yes, we find that only exacerbates the terror.

      Simply put, in the light of understanding, fright dissipates.

      On life’s journey we have billions of experiences, each building on the others to form our perception of the world. Every person we encounter impacts us in a large or  small way. And we effect them as well. So how do we find the light in all of it? And how will we recognize it when we see it?

      I would suggest, only by embracing Life: Its opportunities; challenges; delights; excitement; hardships; and yes, its disasters; and successes.

      What is the light? Is it Education? Religion? Power? Possessions? Money? World travel?

      The essence of light is Love. Light can be found in all the above, but only if we see the Love in it, and acknowledge it in ourselves.

      Love is the answer.   




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