Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | September 22, 2013


Years ago, when I was doing some serious work on my life, I was driving on the Boulder Freeway toward Denver.  My thoughts were randomly taking in the blue sky, the radiant sunlight, the rolling countryside that  was visible in those days, unfettered by city sprawl. As I came over the hill where GreaterDenver and the prairie beyond came into full view before me, this thought interrupted my peace with a thud: “It’s about surrender!”

My thoughts turned abruptly, “Oh no! Not that! Not the “S” word!” Here I had been doing all this work to break away from  the hovering influence of all the controlling people in my life and become an independent person, only to find its all about surrender? “What is this?” I thought.

That moment was to become one of several turning points in my life. Since that time, realizations have made their way to my consciousness as I opened up to the possibility that I don’t know everything. One of these was I would rather feel happy than be “right.”

How often do we have so firmly fixed in our minds exactly how things are supposed to play out in a particular situation? What is your response when it doesn’t happen that way? I invite you to pause and give this some thought.

Do you have a short fuse, becoming angry? How about blaming others? Or perhaps you withdraw and become silent in a funk.

So to what does one surrender?  For purposes here, let’s just say this is an opportunity to learn to SURRENDER TO WHAT IS.

So as with all changes in behavior, it takes practice. Don’t become discouraged. At first there will be goof ups, just as when we are learning any new skill, such as learning a new sport or musical instrument. Patience and persistence are the keys. YOUR PAYOFF? YOUR LIFE BECOMING MORE PEACEFUL.


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