Posted by: Elizabeth Turrentine | August 14, 2013


Many say there are but two core emotions: love and fear. All other emotions stem from these.  When at peace, anything we feel comes from love. Those times we  feel discomfort, the underlying emotion is fear.  think about it.

  When we feel happy, joyful, cheerful, delighted, mirthful, pleased, and the like, we appreciate those things and people around us. These emotions produce endorphins, the “happy” neurochemicals. Even just the slight upturning of the corners of the mouth can produce increased endorphins.

  In the presence of anger, resentment, fright, suspicion, misery, sadness, and irritability, our inclination is to be easily provoked by others or our circumstances. These emotions produce cortisol, the stress neurochemical. Even small irritations cause a slight increase in the cortisol level. When these minor stressors continue over time, “stress pileup” occurs, which can produce cortisol levels equal to a traumatic event.

 Herein is the connection that love is the foundation of all positive emotions; the negative ones originate in the fear of a possibly terrible outcome. 

 Why concern ourselves with these facts? How can the quality of our lives be enhanced by knowing this?

 By learning to nurture the loving, lovable aspects in our life and letting go of the irritants and resentments.

 It’s all about our perceptions, what we pay attention to. We have a CHOICE.

 When a garden is planted, if it is nurtured, watered, tended, it will grow and thrive. If it is neglected, it will die. So it is with our thoughts. 

 Try it out. As you go through your day, notice how you are perceiving whatever is happening  or whoever is around you. If you are irritated, overwhelmed, or feeling negative, think of what you would rather  feel . . . what you would rather think. “I would like to be peaceful, or confident, or anticipate a happy outcome.”

 “How can I possibly do that when I am so upset, even agitated?” you are saying. Take some deep breaths, then turn your thoughts around 180 degrees.  Think, “I am not going to let this person or situation ruin my happiness.” Or, “ I can get this done if I divide what I must do into manageable components and do them one at a time. It will be fine!” Or, Start to think about  what you feel thankful for today . . . some people call this “doing your gratitudes.”

 What will you choose today, Love or fear? 



  1. I never thought of it this way, but I think you have something here. Thanks for sharing this excellent wisdom : )

    • Thanks, Joe, for the look see. I feel very complimented you liked what you found. Enjoy your day, Elizabeth

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